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    …For 41 years, Fleet Feet Sports has provided our customers with inspiration, information, and know-how when it comes to running and fitness. Those four decades of experience and expertise have led to a…

  • The Fit Process

    …Fit happens – and we happen to be great at it. Nothing is more important to us than your happy feet. That’s why we are here to make sure to fit you to the best shoe for you. Whether that …

  • Let's Talk About Bras

    …Did You Know? 80% of women are wearing wrong-size bra (we can fix that) Sports bras go through a beating! They need to be replaced just as often as your shoes. There are other, BETTER, s…

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    …Fleet Feet Sports is a local, family owned and operated store that is part of a network of specialty running, walking, and fitness stores across the country. The Fleet Feet Sports network shares new an…

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    …We love running. And we love people who love running. Or people who like walking. Or people who just want to learn what it is all about. So, whether you have completed an Ironman or just really want to…

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    …“The miracle isn’t that I finished 211; it’s that I had the courage to start.” -John Bingham Whether you are taking your first steps towards your first 5k or you’re re…

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